Hydrolysed Corn Protein (Amiflex)

This ingredient, made from natural products, is used in savoury applications. It can replace MSG or Ribotide in formulas and can be used in combination with yeast extracts. It is labeled as hydrolysed corn protein on ingredient lists and has a very low salt content compared to HVPs.

Clean label:

  • No additive number
  • Can be labelled (ingredient list) as hydrolysed corn protein,
  • If used on a flavour blends can be described as simply "flavours"
  • "No added MSG" label
  • Gluten free : made from corn

Strong umami : High natural MSG content as glutamic acid at 25% therefore "no

added MSG label" (HVPs are typically 6%)

Strong flavour : 67% free Amino Acids (compared to HVPs which are typically 23%)

Low Salt content of 4-5% (typical HVPs are 43%)

Good synergy with Yeast Extracts

Used as a partial or total MSG replacement

Applications : soup, gravies & seasonings

One of the best clean label flavour enhancers available in Australia.

Packaging : 10 kg

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