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The Wilmar BioEthanol story begins in the Queensland cane fields, Colonial Sugar Refineries was founded in 1855. We began distilling ethanol from molasses in the 1900’s. From small beginnings, today we’re Australia’s number one manufacturer of quality ethanol products, with a thriving export trade to the Asia pacific region. We have also recently upgraded our Yarraville Distillery. 

As well as producing our own products, we distribute a range of chemicals and specialty ingredients and make an environmentally responsible fertiliser from ethanol fermentation. We are also Australian pioneers in the use of ethanol as a sustainable fuel. As you’d expect we’re an ISO-certified supplier. We have strict quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing and delivery process. We have access to onsite and external testing laboratories as required.

As a valued customer of Wilmar BioEthanol you will have interaction with a dedicated customer service team and a nation wide sales and marketing team. When you do business with Wilmar BioEthanol, you’re not just buying ethanol you’re buying 130 years of experience, service, leadership and commitment to quality .

That’s what we mean when we say “we back every drop”.