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About Wilmar BioEthanol AgServices

Wilmar BioEthanol AgServices operates a liquid fertiliser and stock-feed business based at the Wilmar BioEthanol plant at Sarina Queensland. Wilmar BioEthanol AgServices converts the co-product from the Distillery known as BioDunderĀ® into a highly valued liquid fertiliser that is marketed back into the sugar cane, horticulture and stock-feed markets in the Central and Northern Queensland.

Nineteen cartage and application contractors transport and apply the products using state-of-the-art variable rate and GPS controlled truck and tractor applicators. Wilmar BioEthanol AgServices is leading the way in the efficient delivery of nutrient solutions in an environmentally friendly manner in some of the most sensitive Great Barrier Reef Catchments. The business has been recognized for its innovative approach with numerous industry and environmental awards.

Wilmar BioEthanol AgServices is now developing products to service the growing mining industry in Central Queensland with many exciting opportunities in the pipeline.